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"The drought is hitting harder. Ugandans will have to beg for food-aid if it doesn’t rain in January" … noted one man who is a resident of Jinja town, a community we’ve worked with for the last couple of years. On a different occasion, one of the leading newspapers in the country published… "poverty and hunger in Busoga (eastern Uganda) will soon claim lives. All they have to eat is green mangoes." Day-in day-out these factual stories are told! The biggest victims here are the children who cannot fend for themselves. We are reminded of our responsibility to children and people in inaudible positions in the communities. Some definite ways we have identified will help alleviate the chronic chain of poverty and lead to productive lives will be our projects in:

o Child Education
o Nutrition
o Water & Sanitation
o Malaria
o small businesses
o Small scale farming schemes
o Family planning techniques
o Work & Personal responsibility workshops
o Provident living
o Rehabilitation courses for alcoholism