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We continue to sustain education as the single most important function that will create positive change for all children and youth. It must be for everyone and it must start early! In Uganda, access to education is the only way out for this young generation. If learning a skill and preparing for the foreseen future seems more feasible, our efforts must be directed to the surest means out of poverty, which is the widest detriment children face as the blockade to being able to go to school. Our mission, however, prompts us to create ways by which we can reach out and change situations for the better. More to the hardships in the communities we’ve graphed, children do not always receive the same share of the invisible pie. Girls and children with disabilities do not always get the same consideration, and in many cases are falsely linked to traditional norms that do not support secular education. Our belief, is that every child deserves a fair chance to learn irrespective of their circumstances. We strongly support and inspire youth (mostly girls) in marginalized communities to always utilize available opportunities to claim their positions in a classroom.