Our Programs

Our areas of expertise


PMF's mission aims at seeing all less fortunate children attain an education in Uganda. It is a right that all children (boys & girls) must enjoy. A competitive world that seldom offers second chances needs sharp minds for one to prosper, and break the bands of poverty in this dispensation.

Research & Needs Assessments

PMF goes all in. In order to best assist people, we must get to the bottom of their stories. Once we determine the issues at hand, we device concrete solutions to succor poor families with children in the communities. On occasion, we consult with reliable govt. bureau of statics to acquire legitimate figures and information.

Child Education Rights

PMF believes that education is a fundamental right that must be enjoyed by children all over the world. Unfortunately, this is not afundamental right that many orphans and disadvantaged children enjoy in Uganda. Many economically distraught communities do not take education as a major means through which to secure the future of their children. We advocate for child education, and push for changes in mindset and related practices to favor education reforms and budgets.

Girl Child

PMF seeks to elevate every child's voice and abilities no matter their gender. Currently societal norms in Uganda dictate that the "girl child" remains at home and help with domestic duties. We enthusiastically aim tobreak these barriers that cripple common sense in the communities, thereby allowing all children to be on the same level of getting a fair chance at education, boy or girl.

Children with Disabilities

PMF believes in that good old saying, "disability is not inability." Whereas children with major physical limitations are looked over in so many ways, our work largely seeks out those neglected, and or left behind. Some of the world's best ideas were delivered in a wheelchair. Homer's poems still grace history books and theaters. We insist on making sure that every child is treated equally and respectfully in the community no matter their physical or mental constraints.

Child Abuse & Neglect

PMF is working to establish programs to work with at risk vulnerable children. We will cooperate with govt, other NGOs and local leaders by pointing out suspicious abusive behavior against children, and report any misconduct by parents/ guardians or caretakers in the communities. Children are so helpless they are dependent on adult choices to thrive.

What we're working On

Capacity building

PMF welcomes volunteers from all walks of life every year. It is always a great privilege to get people to sacrifice their time and talents for our causes. Often time this calls for training and workshops before we set out to work. We are committed to bringing the very best skill sets to those that we serve.


PMF learned that a staggering number of children stay away from school because someone in their school bullied them. Together with school administrators, we are discussing the causes and effects of this behavior in order to find the best solution to end it completely.

Sanitary Pads

PMF will be introducing a sanitary pad project to benefit female students from poor families who cannot afford to buy female sanitary pads. At least 30% of girls drop out of school in Uganda; for fear of being bullied, judged and or to avoid embarrassment. US$5 provides a year’s worth of reusable sanitary pads in Uganda.

Partners & Fundraising

Throughout Uganda, thousands of economic immigrants are seen wandering from one city to another in search of greener pastures every day. Poverty is a devastating realty in 7 out of every 10 homes. An ever growing youth population living under extreme domestic provident difficulty; continually seeks answers on how to make ends meet on little to no resources. Through our philanthropy, we have been able to provide job training skills, award tuition fees grants and sponsorship, plus scholastic materials needed to support children from families in poor communities allowing them and the youth to attain education. However, since our scope is too large, we cannot do this alone. We constantly rely on outside support for resources and helping hands!

We Seek Partnerships: with individual well wishers, businesses, international nonprofit organizations and governments in order to reach our goals while extending resources to the needy. PMF is eternally grateful for all those that have come aboard and supported our causes thus far.

Our Fundraising Machine: is an internal committee that has been tasked with planning activities that allow our leadership and volunteers to creatively organize events to help fundraise for our charitable endeavors. PMF has successfully held "car wash fundraisers, healthy eating campaigns , community service activities, walks and marathons" in the past. We believe in constructively engaging with our growing global community to serve and save humanity.