PMF Project Activities

The following projects were approved by PMF’s executive board members.

Needs Assessment in Jinja School District (Active)

In April 2016, we commenced on a major needs assessment and research project activity to identify the major problems school children (mostly girls) and the youth face in this region. We met with school governing bodies, community and local government leaders, and discussed our future in the region. Walukuba East was the first primary school we surveyed.

School Material Donations (Active)

At the beginning of every school term PMF visits schools with needy children and distributes scholastic materials to them. This particular donation activity was held at Walukuba West primary school in Jinja, August 2016.

PMF Nutrition Initiative (future activity)

At least one meal a day is all they pray for. In order to curb the dark cloud of hunger that hinders most of the kids’ performance and stay in school, we are introducing the PMF Nutrition Projects to help provide meals to school children, and those in the community who don’t have but one meal a day. This will enable children to stay in school, enhance grades and benefit those in the village that are not currently in any school but families unable to provide meals. This project will start in February 2017.

MaseseCo Primary- Scholastic Material Donations:

It used to be dangerous for them to walk in class alone, so we armed them with--BOOKS! Students of Masese Community Primary School were the happy beneficiaries of the PMF scholastic material donation campaign, which has allowed hundreds of less fortunate children to stay in school and not be sent home. Children and educators were grateful for this relief, and strongly applauded our efforts in the district.

Wanyange Community Outreach

Holding constructive discussions with the parents of current and future students of New Recovery Primary School in Wanyange, Jinja. PMF’s community sensitization campaign and outreach was aimed at fostering “Child Education Rights, Work and Personal Responsibility, Self-Reliance and Parent Involvement.” Keeping the parents involved and responsible for their children’s education and wellbeing is crucially important to a child’s development and success in school.