Denis Kakaire: After all that I have observed, the happiness that one can get working as a volunteer is priceless. Losing yourself serving others brings happiness beyond measure. I have experienced this myself. I had no privileges before, but I have seen my vision and dreams come true as I have volunteered with Pellegrino Mpagi Foundation for the past year.. It has been a great pleasure volunteering here. Much love to the founder of this wonderful organization for putting up an inspiring program to help poor children in my community here in Jinja, Uganda.

Phiona Jaker: I have felt the need for education in the nation of Uganda especially for the unfortunate children that can't afford education for a very long time now. I have toiled through my own education, but I have seen it illuminate my own life enabling me to have a more polished way of viewing things. Where I live I'm surrounded by a lot of disadvantaged children, and before I was asked to volunteer with PMF I felt a lot of sympathy for the children in my neighborhood who did not go to school but I couldn't help at all. When I became a volunteer, inside me I felt like Heavenly Father had heard my cry. “Educate a child educate a nation!” In this competitive world today, what can an illiterate person be in the society! It is education that will solve most of not all of our problems. I'm looking forward to doing more work here as a full time volunteer!

Emmanuel Ekeesit: I have many reasons as to why I chose to volunteer at Pellegrino Mpagi Foundation. On a personal note, I have seen what can happen to a person or better yet a child when they have no chance at education. “They say ignorance is bliss if you don't know better.” A child that can have an education will be more confident about his or her future, and I feel like that is what I’m about in this foundation. To help create a way for those that may not have a way gain this foundation. There is a certain sense of pure Joy that I feel when I help someone, mostly innocent children.

Kenneth Kiwumi: The reason I sacrifice my time to work at pmf is quite simple. They work to help poor children and youth, and quite honestly, all those that are interested in learning but are unable to go to school because of various reasons, mostly poverty in Uganda. I would love to see all kids that are not able to go to school because of luck of school fees, school uniform, shoes and other scholastic material get the opportunity that this foundation offers to search. Every child deserves a chance to be in school. I feel like every time I get involved in work such as this my knowledge and compassion for others grows. I’m grateful for the opportunity I have had to share my talents here. Thank you PMF!