“Give a man a fish today and he will eat, teach a man how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” … said one British poet. PMF zooms in on the future while steadying every child’s present. There are many barriers that stand in the way of under privileged children in Uganda. By focusing on their educational needs today we help create pathways to independence and economic stability in the future. Every child has a good story to tell but we need to provide them with a platform to tell it.

“Take the example of Hajira, a once confident and jolly 8-year-old girl who was beaten mercilessly and locked inside the house with her much younger sister for days without food or water. Their father, having gotten rid of the girls’ mother in favor of a new girlfriend weeks earlier, had been punishing them for failing to fetch water using a 20-liter jerry-can a couple miles away from home on foot. When a local nonprofit was later notified of this incident by a neighbor who had miraculously wandered by the house and noticed something unusual, the girls were near death with obvious signs of torture, dehydration and bruises all over their pale bodies.” These children had not attended school in a very long time. Regrettably, realities like these grim Uganda’s children regardless of age, mostly in rural communities. Our organization walks into situations like these and listens, comforts, offers a way out and moves towards assisting the child to envision a brighter way forward. We want to be able to touch as many lives as we possibly can in the not so distant future, give a voice to the voiceless by promoting sustainable provident living, hospitality and education possibilities to all the downtrodden children in Uganda “until every child is able to get an easy access to good education.”